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Bike Beats Alta Badia Trails

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High altitude Mountain bikes on sand and rammed earth, darting on bridges, drops, narrow curves and parabolics. A bike park with trails that can be distinguished for some characteristics and levels of difficulty. Choose yours.

More about the bike trails

Bike Beats Alta Badia is a web of trails projected to descend between slopes and woods in San Cassiano and Corvara. Some of them are linked together and all of them can claim a breathtaking view on the Dolomites. The terrains are different: rocks, rammed earth, sand and wood. The attractions to put your riding capabilities are a lot: jumps, bridges, drops, flows and parabolics.

Entrances to the bike trails can be achieved with mountain lifts used for the bikes transportation only if you have the Dolomites Supersummer’s card. The paths have some Enduro and downhill/freeride sections but also some panoramic flows for anyone who approaches the trail for the first time.

1460m142mPiz Sorega

Along the slope facing east of Piz Sorega in San Cassiano, a few steps away from our rental shop, this flow country mountain bike trail answers all the bikers needs, even the less expert ones. The tracks are a little larger with parabolics designed on a terrain without protundings rocks and roots.

2010m283mPiz Sorega

Mid-difficulty trail that starts with a sequence of narrow curves and techniques to pass in between two bike park’s highlights, a 5m tall bump curve built around a tree and an enormous parabolic sand and terrain’s wall. All of this before reaching the Piz Sorega cable car’s entrance in San Cassiano. The trail with more height difference in the park is characterized by an amazing view on La Varella and Conturines and it is possible to find it a few steps away from our rental shop.

1950m193mPiz Sorega

Mid-difficulty trail that puts to test the manageability and balance on almost 2km of humps, bumps, narrow curves and terrains with rocky protuberances. The path unfolds on the west side of Piz Sorega and it’s linked with Piz La Ila thanks to the Bamby chairlift.

1290m143mPiz Sorega

A mix of adrenaline and freedom amongst serpentine roads, waves, parabolics and wildriders across Piz Sorega woods in San Cassiano. The mid/hard difficulty path presents a series of jumps that manages to lift up the heart-rate even to the most expert biker. Amongst these jumps, “salt tl scür” that in ladin means “leap in the dark”, will catapult you in the dense forest before taking you to a narrow wallride which is about 67° inclined to finally conclude this very high wallride jump. Pure adrenaline close to your rental shop in Alta Badia.


The longest Bike Beast trail starts with a pleasant sequence of parabolic curves that develops through the green meadows of Pralongià. At this point, the trail is split :on one side a simple trail and on the other one a repetition of jumps and long panoramic curves. Following on the path you’ll run on a wavy northshore that overhangs a marshy area anticipating a long series of narrow streets for all the most experienced biker’s excitement.

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